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Zombie Survival Kit

(I assume I don't have a car)

One of those big Army packbacks. A couple week's worth of MREs. A couple of rolls of dried figs. A nice Buck hunting knife. A .357 revolver with a couple of boxes of ammo. A hand-axe. Two canteens of water. Pills to clean wild water. Goggles and a surgical mask(yes, I know in the movies and TV shows like Walking Dead,you can swallow gallons of Zombie blood safely, but not in my World. An ice pick. A machete. A box of waterproof matches. Trip-wire. A few suture and removal kits. Roll of gauze, pads, tape, bottle of iodine. A lock-pick set. A box of razor blades(just the blades). Oh, and a blankie.

What would your Zombie survival kit have? And specify whether or not you have a vehicle first.


by: G-1035


December 20, 2014 (4 years ago)

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Hi Jeanie,

It depends, if you mean in real life, or in a fictive environment, like in TV series.

In TV series, basically, you don't need anything, because you can walk around, and miraculously find anything you will need, including cars with their reservoir full and batteries still loaded, and unlimited ammo, like when in video games 😛

Joke aside, let me think... hum... you should get only the very strict minimum, if you get too many things, this will be heavy to carry and a handicap.

So let's see:

- You need very good shoes, like ranger boots. Comfortable, thick and resistant.

- Same for a trouser and shirt. You need to feel comfortable in them, and they need to be a minimum robust.

- A backpack bag. So you an carry your things, leaving your arms and hands free.

- A knife. I don't know the name in English, but the kind with a long blade, with one sharp side, and one jagged. It can be used for defense, and also manufacture basic tools. Don't forget to sharpen it, on smooth stone.

- Souvenirs. They are not directly useful, but they can help you keep up the moral, which is always an allied.

Then if you can, all kind of medicines to disinfect wounds, and things like that, as well as bandages, because obviously you'll get injuries at a moment or another.

Now, I think that the most important, is your skill; and how you can exploit the resources and environment surrounding you. Observe; and see in everything in which way it can potentially help you (or not). Keep in mind that, the most important, is water and fire. This is the basis of survival in hostile environment. This is why, you should, for example, follow rivers. Rivers, this is water, and food.

This is not an object, but, I think that in your "kit", you need to have a "target," a "goal.". What will you do, why, and how. This gives you a motivation. If you just walk around without goal, your moral will quickly goes down. So identify what you want to achieve, beside surviving. Are you seeking for other survivors, escaping an area, reaching the coast, etc...

Hope it can help, and good luck, 😁

ps: by the way, thank you Jeanie for your different posts, do no hesitate to register if you have time.

by: Urban Legend

Message #1

December 28, 2014 (4 years ago)

Urban Legend, there is no food in your kit at all. I know you are thinking of learning to hunt and trap along the way, but in the meantime, do you plan on the Holy Garden Diet of roots and grass? You need nourishment, and even if you just take freeze-dried foods, which are virtually weight-less, all you need is water, then you will have much-needed calories and you have time to teach yourself the finer points of trapping and hunting.

Unless you are doing that right now, which is rather disturbing.


by: Jeanie

Message #3

January 02, 2015 (4 years ago)

Hi Jeanie, and thank you for registering! Welcome!

Yes, I didn't mention food/drinks, you are right. I was more attached to the minimum tools/objects, which might be helpful in your survival. I also assume that you are spontaneously released in the wild, in the middle of nowhere, so before leaving one place for another, yes, you need to make provisions, of food, and medicines. But now, comes the problem of what kind of food, you can take with you. It needs to be something which can be preserved for some times, which are tolerant to heat or humidity, and brings you enough calories, minerals and proteins. And of course, food which can be easily prepared/cooked. In TV series, this is not hard, they stop by a town, visit the store, and ta-da. In real life, it will certainly be not that simple, especially counting that animals will have certainly visited these stores. So canned and dried food, should be a good choice, IF you can find them.

As a side note, there is not only roots and grass in the nature, you have bays, the cones of pines, etc... If you follow a river, you can also expect to catch fishes, to do so, you can build a trap. Men lived from the nature, long before micro-oven have been invented, and I am sure that in situation of survival, our instincts can rise back.

As for your mention of car, or not car, the thing is, a vehicle is of course of a great help, it can carry a more important load, you can cover more distances, and it represents some kind of protection. However, once you run out of gas, then it becomes nearly pointless, and I don't know if in a apocalyptic zombie world you can find gas at each station.

I'll complete this topic, if more ideas come to my mind,


by: Urban Legend

Message #4

January 05, 2015 (4 years ago)

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by: G-68

Message #2

December 31, 2014 (4 years ago)

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