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[Everyday Life]

Peeing as a man

I respect all of you ladies and agree with every word in each comment. I want to add from a man's point not speaking for every man just myself but before I get to that. I feel like some guys just don't think about anything else household wise in everyday life. Suuure you can cook or clean for your wife but if she were to have company and the toilet seat has dry urine from you disgusting self-righteous boys with no respect for others or you're so called busy watching the game at least step up and say ok hon I'll clean up just in case we have company coming over or family visit us or in case an inspection were to happen. I for one was raised by a single mom who taught me to always clean up after myself and make sure no stains are on the seat and always put the seat down when ladies are over it's a code in everyday life to live by and use. But I agree when someone asked was it primitive, yes but also childish we're humans not animals therefore there should be no excuse to leave a bathroom ranking of pissy smells and to leave a toilet seat up it's wrong and tells people if there's no kids it's just you and your wife, her friend and yours are going to think, hmmmm seems like her husband doesn't have any home training.

by: G-1314

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November 22, 2017 (2 years ago)

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