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[Everyday Life]

Double offer commercials,... a good deal for whom?

You know, these commercials, which are explaining us, during long minutes how a product is amazing, revolutionary, a must have, etc… Then, they slam you with an amazing offer, a discounted price, a fraction of what the product is worth ! But wait, that's not all! The ultimate argument is that, they double the offer! For the same price you get two !!! Amazing isn't it ?

My product is worth $100 of value, but I offer it for $25, and guess what I double the offer, for $25 you get two ! Who can resist, that's the best deal in the whole Universe. Even if you don't need two, even if you don't need one, how can you resist?

Sorry, but, do they take us for fools?

If the price is already scarified, then how can they afford to give a second for free ? To me it sounds a big flat lie. And this is the kind of argument which is working the opposite on me… I'll run away from this product.

by: G-1264

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April 04, 2017 (2 years ago)

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