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[High Tech]

Nvidia and AMD both suck

Nvidia and AMD both released a new generation of graphic cards.

Nvidia's cards are abusively expensive, they are barely no stock. How is it possible that, one month and a half later, there are still no card available?
They are not even fully Direct X 12 compatible, in spite of promises, and they suffer from all kind of bugs (which are progressively fixed).

AMD released a card, which is equivalent in price and performance to what Nvidia was doing two years ago. Plus, the AMD RX480 suffers from odd little problems, which let me think that AMD released a card in the hurry, without being ready. These problems should be addressed by custom cards, but none of them are showing yet…

I am not saying these cards are not good, but I say both companies failed anyhow, between their promises and the results.

by: G-1234

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July 18, 2016 (3 years ago)

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