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[High Tech]

Why do the prices of PC components keep changing, up and down?

Did anybody notice? It looks like the price of PC components are like a barrel of petrol, their prices keep moving up and down, and more often up than down! It's the only sector where prices can go up with time! Why is that? Take a GTX 970 graphic card: Today, it's more expensive than it was one year ago! And this is the same for the Intel's skylake processors. Six months after their release, they are more expensive??? Shouldn't it be the oppositeĀ ? Aren't manufacturers abusive and too greedy? Is there a real justification to these price changes?


by: PcMaN

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February 13, 2016 (3 years ago)

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I'll tell you what. Three years ago, I assemble a new PC, it was at the time of the release of the Skylake CPU. So it was a new generation of hardware. A few weeks ago, I was asked to a build a PC, and I was surprised that, 3 years laters, the same components are "more" expensive than what I paid back then! The worse is about RAM, the price increased by 10-15% !

by: G-1520

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October 08, 2018 (11 months ago)

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