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The trivialization of violence on our screens

This is something that has been said since a long time, but I am convinced that the increase of violence in our society is greatly amplified by cinema, TV and video games. Call me a killjoy, but look, in most movies you see people killing others, being killed, shooting at anything that moves, detonating everything, not to mention all the collateral victims of these action scenes. All this makes violence something trivial and common. Moreover, with the search for a PG-13 rating by movie studios, we are left with movies for teens packed with violence and murderings, but as we do not see blood or bullet impacts, well, that's all normal. Just as in video games! Kill, or being killed, well, who really minds, as you will resurrect immediately and continue! So it is not surprising that some passes on to the act in real life. Thanks to all this continuous violence flowing out from our screen, killing another being has become trivial and easy.


by: G-1184

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October 10, 2015 (4 years ago)

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When BB says that violence is increasing in our society, he is simply wrong. By any and all measures (except the hyperbolic coverage in today's tabloid press that is masquerading as legitimate news sources), violence is, and has been for some time now, decreasing in America. Turn off the TV and put down the newspaper for a while. Then peruse (which means "to examine closely" and not "skim"😉 better evidence; such as the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports and the DoJ's surveys of reported vs unreported crime (both of which are on line for free). You will (a) likely feel better and (b) can optionally stop complaining about brain-dead action movies like "John Wick," where the Botox-suffused, frozen-faced, Keanu Reeves litters several sets with mounds of bullet-riddled corpses because they stole his car. Well, it was a classic, restored Mustang!

by: G-561

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October 20, 2015 (4 years ago)

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