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The Destruction of a Perfectly Good Book Series by RUINING the Movies

Percy Jackson.

A lovely book series written by an amazing author. I remember reading all 5 books in almost one sitting, not emerging from my cave of reading (bed) for nearly 24 hours.
Then the sequel: Heroes of Olympus.
I also LOVED it.

Then I discovered the movies. The first one, based on the Lightning Thief was...alright. Ish. Granted they had to cut it down to a watchable length though, it did pretty well.

Then the abomination known as the second film came out.

First, they truly f**ked up the timeline by having it "7 years later". It is barely a YEAR after the events of Lightning Thief: READ THE BOOKS!!
Em, sorry, but Annabeth was WAY cooler in the book. Her role was squandered in favour of Clarisse, the lean mean Ares machine. In all this though, they have managed to make it IMPOSSIBLE to do any more movies.

So now, all us Campers have to wave goodbye to any chance of anymore movies. Nope. No Titan's Curse, Labyrinth or Epic Titan Battle 9001.
They also cannot really pull off Heroes of Olympus either. Not that I'd want them to try. I am truly disgusted by what they had done and I really don't want them to try.

Other series, Countless, have been ruined this way. Respond with your own experience or your thoughts. Lets get this message out there!!!

by: G-1164


August 03, 2015 (4 years ago)

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That's why I would never go watch a movie adaptation from a book I read. There is NO way it can be enjoyable. Stories made for one support, never translate well on another. A movie will never ever be close to the quality of a book. So, keep reading, keep making your imagination work. This will always be thousands of times better than being passive in front of a lousy movie adaptation.


by: G-742

Message #1

February 12, 2016 (3 years ago)

I have NO problem with film adaptations from books! I think you are an idiot if you go into a movie theatre and expect to see a complete and faithful adaptation of the book! Are you serious?? It couldn't possibly fit into two hours for one thing! Two, it couldn't be structured properly and would drive the audience mad! I wish people would just stop whining and whining!

When I go in to watch an adaptation of a book, I wipe my mind clean of the book I've read and assume the movie will not even remotely resemble the book. Then I can completely enjoy my movie! It works every time. Of course, I'm not really wiping my mind clean. Also, I'm not really lowering my expectations at all. I still expect quality story-telling.But I give the film makers a break. This is how I enjoyed Lord of the Ring, for example, and the Harry Potter films. I can both love the books and the films, no problems.

by: G-747

Message #2

February 13, 2016 (3 years ago)

I see what you mean by this but in the Sea of Monsters Kronos comes back! I mean, Luke doesn't even get to use the Golden Fleece and, I know that he's powerful and all, but how can Percy defeat freaking Kronos in, like, 2 minutes without being wounded. A donkey could have done more damage!

by: G-889

Message #3

April 03, 2016 (3 years ago)

I hope one day someone buys back the rights, do a reboot, and adapt all the books - Me88

by: G-1612

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January 09, 2019 (9 months ago)

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