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Valentine's day, a marketing scam!

Like Christmas, Mother and Father's day, and all other special days, Valentine's day is a pure mercantile creation! A scam to sell you all kind of things, and make you feel ashamed if you are not spending your money for this so special occasion. Because yes, if you don't get your boy or girlfriend something on this particular day, shame on you, and this is the proof you don't love him/her. I say shame on those thinking this! Worse, I dare to say that offering gifts on the Saint Valentine's day, is in no way a proof of love and affection. That just the proof of following the conformism and of not thinking by yourself.

Real romantics don't need to wait for a particular day to express their love to their other half. This is all along the year, that they keep the flame going, with all kind of small sincere attentions and not because the calendar told you to...

by: G-1114

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February 13, 2015

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