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Fed up of Spam!

I never leave my personal e-mail address anywhere, and each time, after a couple of months, I start receiving spam! How is it possible? And I thought that spamming was illegal, so why nothing is being done against these spammers? If this is a matter of tracking them, this shouldn't be a problem for the NSA. If they were allocating a fraction of the tax payers money they receive at tracking spammers, the Internet would be a better place for everybody! Also I don't understand how spammers are succeeding to make a living from their crap! Because, yes, if they continue to flood our mailbox, this is because they are making good money out of it! Who is going to click/purchase/subscribe something from an unsolicited e-mail? Not me! Even if a service sounds good, simply the method used to promote it, would make me avoid it like the plague! So why is it still working? And most of all, why are authorities are not more severe against this kind of practice! The way spammers are obtaining e-mail addresses is clearly illegal, and violating all laws about privacy!

by: G-1054

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January 01, 2015 (4 years ago)

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