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They badly need seat belts in Star Trek

The last few days, I've been watching the Star Trek films, and I have to say: they badly need seat belts! They keep falling out of their chairs each time the Enterprise is shaken up. Also, they should tell the crew not to stand on gangways during space fights! How many of them have fallen off and over the barriers? And finally, stop sending the officers first, when it comes to exploring unknown dangerous places!


by: G-1044


December 25, 2014 (5 years ago)

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After that last abortion of a movie, they don't need anything. Aparently, people can transport planet-to-planet, no need to have Starships. Planetary invasion can be immediate, no need for even a battle. Apparently sickness and death were obsoleted in the movie too with magical 'Khan-blood'.

So we don't need anymore films. Mankind is immortal and appear wherever the f*ck it wants. Nice one JJ.

by: G-67

Message #1

December 31, 2014 (5 years ago)

lmao!! You just laid out the entire goddamn movie, my friend. Now I HAVE to go pick up dvd and watch it! That was so funny!!!😁


by: Jeanie

Message #2

January 02, 2015 (5 years ago)


It's off-topic, but do you know, why and how the teleportation made its apparition in Star Trek? I remember reading an anecdote on the subject. In spite of the fact this is an emblematic element of Star Trek now, initially, no such thing was planned. The crew of the USS Enterprise, was supposed to use a little shuttle for their short distance trips, like visiting a planet, or reaching another spaceship. However, and if I understood correctly, at the moment of the filming, the set of this shuttle was not ready and they had to improvised an alternative solution, and ta-da "Teleportation." And of course it became immediately cult.

by: Urban Legend

Message #4

January 05, 2015 (5 years ago)

Oh!!! I haven't yet seen this one, but that sounds so dumb and lazy! But I guess you can still have some kind of shield around a planet to prevent the beam to pass through 😛


by: G-92

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January 06, 2015 (5 years ago)

So we don't need anymore films. Mankind is immortal and appear wherever the f*ck it wants. Nice one JJ.


by: OldTimer

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February 08, 2015 (4 years ago)

I have to poke my nose in here and say, it's almost been a true tradition since the days of the classic TV series from the 1960s, not to have seat belts, and to have the crew throw themselves about, arms flailing, legs in the air. At some point in the mayhem, someone will find themselves flat across a control panel, initiating a firework of sparks, burns and shrieks. The good doctor will bend over with a silly pill box in his hand, scanning. "This man needs to go to sick-bay, Jim". Well, no poop, Sherlock. He's covered with third-degree burns from a cardboard console with a tech hiding underneath it who was smoking. You need to chill when you watch these things, man😁

by: Miss B.

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January 05, 2015 (5 years ago)


I like the old shows, where they didn't have hydraulic system to move and shake the set, and the actors had to pretend to be shaken up and falling and if you look, they never all fall in the same direction at the the same time 😁 So dumb looking, but so fun and cult 😁


by: G-91

Message #5

January 06, 2015 (5 years ago)

The Making of Star Trek by Stephen Whitfield and The World of Star Trek by David Gerrold are interesting reading, not only for the history of a beloved TV series, but for the explanations of all the craftwork and creativity that goes into the writing and production of a tv series.

by: G-419

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June 14, 2015 (4 years ago)


by: G-1525

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October 10, 2018 (15 months ago)

I Love StarTrek. & Lost in Space.

by: G-467

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July 19, 2015 (4 years ago)

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