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Levis Curve ID Jeans. A Whole Lot of Crap.

I don't know if anyone else has seen the new Levis Curve ID jeans ad, but it sucks. It's pure bullshit, of course, and it's racist and sexist to boot. That's ME, a long-time lover of Levi's and both their jeans and their egomanical, homo-erotic and utterly sexy ads, calling them racist and sexist.

The point behind the new Curve ID jeans is that supposedly they cater to the various degrees of curvature in women's bodies. For those of us who are cursed with grapefruit bodies(thick waists and stick legs), it sounds like a blessing. I assume women with the longed-for bodies with tiny waists and fat, round butts, it would also be welcome.

Of course, it's all crap. Jeans are jeans, and considering they are made from overseas factories all over, with very little quality control, it's basically a huge crapshoot anyhow.

But what made the new campaign really revolting are the models in the ad. Have you seen them yet? Three scrawny white girls, with their jeans so tight, the material is jammed up their crotches, are awkwardly posing. No curvaceous black woman, of course. No REAL woman's body. (When I say “woman's body”, I do not mean great, fat, morbidly obese housewives. I just mean the healthy figure of a woman.)

And God forbid Levi's should get over their fear of a beautiful black woman. They've always been incredibly racist. I swear, Levis is worse than fucking Dove when it comes to treating the American black woman like dogshit. If there is a hot, young black man, then Levi will show him, but screw the black woman. They want to use the “curves” ploy, which is often used for the more beautiful bodies of the black woman, but they can't stomach the idea of putting a black model in the forefront of their campaign. Bastards.

On the Levi site, you put your cursor over each “model”*gag*, and her body turns around, so you can get another sickening glance at her distorted body. Yes, I know their photos have been chopped, but that is even worse.

I mean, YUCK. They are ghastly! I want to vomit looking at their groins and thighs! Am I supposed to be turned on by this?? I can't remember the last time I saw the body of a really hot female model! I'm utterly pissed off!!! Who the eff is Levi catering to?? A woman? Or are they catering to their own whims and desires for the bodies of teenage boys?? I mean, I'm getting sick of men in the fashion industry designing clothing that will only fit the bodies of teenage boys! If I want pants that fit the ass of a teenage boy, I'll go to fricking Sears and buy a pair of jeans from the “Young Men”s section! In my skinny stages, I've done just that! GREAT way to buy jeans that fit a slender woman without much of an ass!

And NO, I am not taking a typically American swing at our gay fashion men. ALL men are monstrous narcissists by nature, gay AND straight, and that's why they've got this drive for the appearance of teens. It has nothing to do with gay or straight. They're just stinking VAIN. They want a back-in-time mirror hung in front of their eyes on a constant basis.

The Levis Curve ID campaign is just a bullshit marketing ploy. The jeans in this line only go up to a size 36 waist anyhow, and considering that today's “average” waistline for the American woman is a whopping 37 inches now(which gives you an idea of how grotesque most women really are-yes, I'm being sarcastic- to get that number as an average), chances are that you won't fit the damn jeans anyhow.

And if you ARE a slender or skinny woman with a straighter figure, you're really better off just buying a pair of jeans from Levi's Junior girls section. Even the plus-size Junior jeans, for the baby fat-asses, usually fit better. Or hey, go to the young mens jeans. Why not?

OR, you can buy the jeans you want and take them to a tailor or seamstress who will custom-fit them to YOUR ass for $10. If you can afford Levi jeans at the cost of $70, you can afford $10 for a tailor.

Don't be so freaking cheap.

by: Still Sarah

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December 01, 2014 (4 years ago)

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Try writing to them about it. I did, and I got some bizarre, rambling letter that I can't even tell what was said. If he/she had just said, go blow fatty, I would have been more satisfied, lol.

by: G-741

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February 12, 2016 (3 years ago)

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