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I hate scalpers!!!

I really hate these people who rush to buy all the tickets (concerts, sporting events ...), simply in order to resell them at an excessive price !!! How and why is it allowed? They are not interested in these events, they just want to make profits on the backs of real fans and customers. It is pure evil.

Today, when the tickets are on sale, they are all gone in minutes, if not seconds! You might think, oh, it's because such or such artist is popular, so the fans rush, but NO !!! The next minute, you'll find thousands of these tickets available on eBay or other platforms, at double the price when it's not again more expensive! By the way, these platforms are taking their commission on these sales...

Isn't it possible to make nominative tickets? With the name of the person who bought it printed? This would stop all this black market.

This is really upsetting!

by: G-1333

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September 09, 2019 (4 months ago)

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This is the same for movie, CD, book, video game collectors too. I rarely buy collectors, but, I wanted to make an exception, for the birthday of my mother. Everywhere, it was unavailable, right from the first day of the release! I went to all online e-comm sites I could think about. And all was gone, in a matter of minutes. The only place I could find this item was... at eBay! at 5 times the listed price!!! So yes, I am sure that most of people who are buying collectors are doing so, just for the purpose of reselling them and capitalizing on the despair of some.


by: G-1817

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September 10, 2019 (4 months ago)

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