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Why is it up to the soldiers to go to war?

Hey, I know it will sound ridiculous to some, but why is it up to the soldiers to risk their lives and die for wars "decided" by others?

And more generally, why do people have to kill each other? Because some kind of "leaders" have decided it?

I say that it should be those who declare war, who must fight themselves, sort their mess between themselves, and leave us far from their shit.

It's too easy to sign a paper, press a button, send men and women to die for "you".

Oh yes, afterwards, "you" will pay tribute to those who gave their lives for "your" idea of ​​freedom and justice, and blah blah, so why did not you go "yourself"? eh?

Not to mention that in many countries the army is still made up of men and women who are not volunteers and who are forcibly recruited.

You are not leaders, you are only killers. Killing your own citizens, killing citizens of other countries does not make you a great man, despite what is written in the history books.

by: G-1323

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November 12, 2018 (14 months ago)

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