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What if we suppress money?

Money rules the World, since millenniums. There is nothing more powerful than Money, and this has corrupted the Humanity. If you think about it, everything is related to Money.

I know it sounds silly, but after all, isn't money the source of most of the problems on earth ? So, if we get rid of money, won't we get ride of these problems by the same occasion ?

If we no longer had money, we will all be equal, no rich, no poor. All will be free for all. No more tensions, no more reason to have war, or conflicts. We would no more be envious of each others. There will be no more domination of some over the others. Resources will be shared uniformly. No more avidity, no more corruption, no more hijacking, no more robbing; in other words, no more worries.

So wouldn't a World without Money be a better World for all ?


by: G-1293

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May 13, 2017 (2 years ago)

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