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[Video Games]

PS4 Neo, evolution, revolution or scam?

I will say it right away, I don't see the point of the PS4 Neo.

Sony announces an evolution of the PlayStation 4 console for 4K and VR gaming…

The PS4 Neo is effectively more powerful, than the PS4, but it seems to be only a matter of slight frequencies increase. That being said, I don't see how it can handle "real" 4K or VR games. I insist on the "real", because, yes, you can output any game in 4K, with all details set to low, but is that what we want?

Also, Sony claims that all games will be compatible with both the PS4 and PS4 Neo. So it means that no games will exploit the extra power of the Neo. Will developers bother? No, they'll continue to target the PS4 of-course. Why would they produce extra work to propose an improved version for the few Neo's users whereas there are tens of millions of PS4 worldwide?

I don't see the point of such thing today. How many people have 4K screens? How many will buy virtual reality headset? Considering the amount of people who already own a PS4, who will buy a Neo? Will people sell their existing PS4, to get a Neo which will barely bring nothing else more?

Gamers who are really interested in 4K or/and VR, will not likely invest in a video game console. They are playing on PCs, and nothing will change.

All this makes me think that Sony is just doing this to please its investors and to show them, that they are addressing the hype of the 4K and VR.

Anyone is welcome to tell me I am wrong.

by: G-1233


July 18, 2016 (3 years ago)

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I am agreed with most of the things which have been said by the previous poster.

The PS4 Neo is definitively not interesting for those who already own a PS4.

Those who could be interest by a PlayStation, already have one.

PC Gamers will never switch to a console, no matter how powerful it is.

Now, by curiosity, I wonder if the PS4 Neo will be able to run games at 1080p 60 FPS.

by: G-992

Message #1

July 27, 2016 (3 years ago)

You can't call it a scam, no one is forcing you to buy the PS4 "Pro". It's sold at the same price as the "normal" PS4. And you can't accuse Sony of screwing you/us. Sony said that ALL games will be playable on the normal PS4 too. So they are not pushing to buy.

So nothing changes. Those who already own a PS4 will continue to enjoy it the same way, and get all the new games. For the others, they have the choice to buy a PS4 Pro , or the normal PS4 which is now cheaper. I say everybody is winning in this.


by: Marcus

Message #2

November 06, 2016 (2 years ago)

This topic is old, finally, this is not the PS4 Neo, but PS4 Pro… honestly I like the "Neo" name better, but maybe it could have been misleading with the Neo Geo, or Neo, the character from The Matrix.

By the way, no it's not a revolution, it's an evolution. It's giving fresh air to the existing generation of PS4.


by: G-1476

Message #3

September 30, 2018 (12 months ago)

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