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Why do we become intolerant when we grow up? (childhood vs adulthood)

I don't get it. When you look at kids, they don't mind their skin color, their social origins, or religion. They play together, and don't mind the "differences". Kids are fun, and see no evil in things. They play and enjoy being with anyone indifferently!

So my question is, what happens during the transition to adulthood, that makes adults behave totally differently? Why, all of a sudden, are there barriers and divisions, as well as a trend for intolerance toward others?

What happens between childhood and adult life, for such extreme change?

Shouldn't it be the exact same opposite be happening? I mean, in aging, shouldn't we acquire maturity and wisdom?


by: G-1213


February 23, 2016 (3 years ago)

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I think it actually starts in childhood. Even then, children tend to group together. Sure, for the most part, they all play together, but you can see that some group together, depending on their little personalities. But you are talking about the adulthood bigotries. So I think some of those things are put into children's minds by the parents, of course! They always are. Some children will resist this, but other children cannot resist the training of the parents.

Plus, there are the influences of the people who surround the child, people who the child sees every day while she or he grows. People in the street, people at church...

Then, of course, when the child has grown into young adulthood and the really important forming comes into play, his or her adult friends are there, putting on the final touches. I think if you study people more, you will begin to see all of this better. It does start with the child and extend into young adulthood.

Now understand it's not all that simple. Your child still is a very complicated little person. She will have her very strong little personality, and she will learn her defensive postures against her parents , classmates and people and events all around her as she grows. There are so many factors.

So why are some people so intolerant? Well, sometimes I think that people who are so horribly bigoted are not right in their mind. I don't mean they are stupid. And I don't mean they were abused, either, because I think abused kids often grow up to be more sensitive to others. I mean, truly bigoted and hateful people have something deeply wrong with them. I don't think this is their fault. I try to not get too angry with them(I often fail) when I hear their rantings.

It's the only thing I can think of.

by: G-811

Message #1

February 25, 2016 (3 years ago)

When you grow up, you start getting responsibilities, you need to earn money, you are facing a growing number of problems, etc... in other words, as you grow, you undergo more and more pressure and stress. The result is more anger, more depression, and at some point it leads to feeding intolerant ideas toward others.


by: G-1699

Message #2

April 01, 2019 (5 months ago)

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