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The Walking Dead is great but also such a waste of good ideas!

Okay, so I finally got to watch The Walking Dead. I kept hearing about the show, and how great it was, but, since I didn't see it from the beginning, I thought it would be less enjoyable to just jump into the middle of a season. Now, thanks to the AMC The Walking Dead New Year Marathon, I was able to catch up, (no offense to some, who finds they are abusive of this practice 😛 : https://witnessmyrage.com/4b4q.html )

Now, I think this is great show, and that it deserves its popularity. However, I have to confess that I still have a feeling of frustration which is somewhat upsetting to me. It seems like they keep coming with great ideas, or thrilling events, which end up collapsing like a bellows! Or perhaps it's me who is expecting too much, or having too much imagination, anticipation, and finally being disappointed?

I'll take some examples (beware of spoilers🙁

- Merle Dixon, the brother of Daryl. They left him handcuffed on the roof a of building, then when they returned he was gone, having cut off his hand to release himself. So from this moment, his absence flies around them, since Merle as a menace may be again more dangerous than the Zombies themselves. Sounds great, and I kept wondering what would happen the day he would reappear and what kind of mess he could cause. Then it lasted forever, like something prepared to be astonishing, and finally, when he returned, he was just a pet working for the Governor and no longer the hood and trouble maker I was imagining.

- Michonne, a sensation, appearing with her armless and toothless zombie pets and saber. Very graphic, amazing! Wow, a character which is going to blow minds. Yes, but, only for a little while. Now, it seems like her character totally faded within the group and no longer has anything special!

- The Terminus cannibals, very gorey and neat idea. But then (almost) nothing. At the end of the first episode of the 5th season, there is a flash back, showing this group was captured by others. I thought, yeah, great, there will be a storyline about them, how they took over the situation, and may be how they turned into cannibals, or trapping other humans. But apparently, there will be no such things. After this episode, we heard about them once, when they attacked the Church, and then it was finished.

I could give other examples, such as Tyreese, or Abraham Ford, who have a significant physical presence , but finally, are not really interesting, at least not as it seemed they would be.

Overall, only Rick, and Carl remain constant, and Carol is definitively the one which is gaining an increasing interest over the time.

So all of this, is leaving me slightly on my hunger, and with a feeling of frustration. Or may be this is on purpose, to let viewers let their imagination run wild, and discus all of this?

But I repeat it, I find the show great, but it could be so much -again- better. Am I the only one feeling like this?


by: SDot


January 08, 2015 (5 years ago)

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We started to see toward the end that Merle might have been older and more set in his ways, but he wasn't as different from Daryl as we thought. In time he might have followed his little brother's example.

Michonne seemed more menacing when she had only three expressions - totally blank, evil glare, and disgusted frown - and spoke as little as possible. Why use complete sentences when a single word is all you need? Or better yet, just give them one of your three expressions and walk away. Having a totally mysterious ninja master as a character works for a while. But no one's completely devoid of emotion. Everybody has a past. Sooner or later she had to come out of her shell and start bonding with other people, or her character would be a terminator of walkers and bad guys and nothing else. Can't do a lot with that storywise.

I thought the way they resolved the terminus situation was pretty satisfying, actually. My biggest fear was that they'd spend half of season 5 stuck there performing some kind of task for Gareth and his cannibal friends while a few of Rick's group were held prisoner to ensure the good behavior of the others. Or something similar. Watching Carol go through the place like a wrecking ball instead was good clean fun.

I agree that sometimes events seem to be building up to something but then the payoff never happens. Whether that's done intentionally is a question you'd have to ask the writers. But think about it. What would you do in this messed up situation? That's the dilemma faced by Rick and company in every episode. Where do we go? What do we do? And what's the point - holding off the inevitable a little longer, is that really all we have left? Finding their way to Alexandria has given them a ray of hope for the future that's been lacking so far. Sure the road ahead will be hard. Lots of people have died, and there's plenty of death yet to come, but maybe the human race isn't completely f*!d after all!

by: G-455

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July 02, 2015 (4 years ago)

Good post!😁

by: Miss B.

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July 02, 2015 (4 years ago)

I never read the comics, but I find the show to be too slow. Yes there are plenty of good ideas, but they seem to keep delaying things over and over again.

by: G-1576

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November 03, 2018 (14 months ago)

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