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[High Tech]

Where are the flying cars, the hotel in space, the resorts on the moon?

Hey! I grew up in the 60's and they kept telling us that by the dawn of the new millennium, we would have flying cars, hotels in space, and that we could go to the moon for a week-end, and play golf! Where is all of this!!! We do not have a fraction of an ounce of all of that! Instead, we have flat TV, smartphones and Facebook, I feel screwed!

And you know what? They still try to continue to make us believe this. There is still flying cars prototypes still in the making, still project to return to the moon, and hey, let's see bigger to go to Mars! See, we can't even return to the Moon, and they are claiming we can go to Mars which is thousands of times harder, more expensive, and who are in all events a one way trip, without possibility to return.

So yes, at the dawn of the -next- millennium will have this, but of-course, we will no longer be there to know.

Screw you dream-sellers, all you do it to amass money by exploiting naivety of people. You would better use your money and brag to improve life of people here on Earth.


by: G-1312

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October 01, 2017 (2 years ago)

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