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Will there be a Nintendo Switch 'Lite' ?

I wish Nintendo releases a version of its Switch, without screen, and without the joy-cons !

Yes, I know, you'll tell me this is the basis of the console. I do recognize that Nintendo achieved an amazing work with the Switch, and that it's a concentrate of high technologies and innovation. I also understand the concept, and how this is offering new way to play video games and a new dimension to entertainment.

But personally, I just would like to play Zelda, and Mario in the comfort of my living room, on my FHD TV, that's all. It pisses me to pay for the portability of the Switch, its screen, and its joy-cons, without counting that you need to spend more to get a real control pad (+$80) !

So Mister Nintendo, please, release a simply Switch, with no screen, no joy-con, juts a normal console, with a real pad, and I am sure plenty of people will be happy with too.

by: G-1262


April 03, 2017

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Nintendo obviously rushed the release of the Nintendo Switch. The proof is the lack of games available. Most of the games are scheduled for the autumn, the proof that it was the initial release date, which would make more sense.

Why did Nintendo do it ? I am not sure. Maybe they were worried to release it at the same time as the Xbox Scorpio ? I am not sure that the Nintendo Switch is targeting the same public.

By the way, just to say that, for the Holidays, Nintendo will certainly refine the price of its console. Right now, Nintendo wanted to make maximum profits with their day-one fans, which is perfectly understandable. This autumn, I am sure that the price will decrease easily by $50, and you'll certainly get packs like Nintendo Switch + Zelda, or + Mario for the same price as the console alone today. I am even surprised they didn't make a pack with Zelda right away.

So, if you find the price too high for the moment, my recommendation would just be to wait for the holidays, and you'll certainly find a much better deal and Nintendo would have had the time to fi all the little problem here and there.

Now, about a "Lite" version, without screen or joycons. I don't see this happening. It wouldn't make sense, since it's the core of the concept of the Nintendo Switch. Personally, I am not convinced by the portable aspect of the console. I have a hard time imagining people carrying their switch in their pocket or bags, to play in the subway, trains, or outside. We already have smartphones for this. If Nintendo release such verison, then it will only end to be a low end PS4 or Xbox One equivalent, and this wouldn't make sense.

Juts my thoughts,


by: G-1281

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April 17, 2017

I don't think Nintendo ever released lite or refined versions of its consoles, isn't it ? I don't see why they would do it with the Switch.

by: G-1283

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April 17, 2017

The Gameboy, DS, and 3DS had some evolution during their life.


by: G-1284

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April 17, 2017

As long as sales are good (which is the case), there is no reason for Nintendo to release a new version of the Nintendo Switch. May be in a couple of years, when Sony and Microsoft will release their next-gen consoles, Nintendo might refine it a bit, but I doubt they'll remove the mobility component and the joycons, since it's the core of the concept, as said above.

So I wouldn't expect a budget-lite version of the Switch. However, as said, it's highly possible that for the Holidays, Nintendo starts to sale packs. In fact, it's obvious. There will be packs with Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, etc,...


by: G-1300

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May 03, 2017

It might be off-topic, but in all events, it's never a good idea to rush to buy a new console, right at the moment of its release.

Here is why.

Like all "new" electronic products, there is a high probability for there always being problems. Sometimes it's only software issues, which can be fixed with a patch to download. But other times, there can be more or less important hardware issues that the manufacturers didn't detect during the pre-production stages. So my recommendation is to wait a whole year, if possible. That way, you'll avoid facing these problems.

As for video game consoles, the line up is often rather small. Very few games are available at the release of a new console, and the Switch is a good (bad?) example. This is perfectly understandable, as developers need some time to learn how to exploit a new console. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are trying to keep their secrets as long as possible, and as a result, developer kits are available only a few months before a console is released, leaving very little time for developers to do something.

In addition, and along the same line, it takes time before developers succeed to correctly exploit a new console. So first games are never optimized for the new hardware. After a year or two, developers are more capable of taking out the best of the hardware, and to propose better games.

So, I'll summarize what was said above. Wait one year. You'll get a a Switch cheaper than today, certainly with a game. And all problems should be fixed by then. You'll also have a much larger choice of games, and more fun.


by: G-1335

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May 23, 2017

So Mister Nintendo, please, release a simply Switch, with no screen, no joy-con, juts a normal console, with a real pad, and I am sure plenty of people will be happy with too.

You mean to get ride of everything which is making the Switch 🙂

Nintendo cannot (or doesn't want) to compete with Sony and Microsoft when it comes to performances. Nintendo is basing all its strategy on innovation and originality. From this point of view, the Switch is perfectly in line with this.

I don't believe that Nintendo will make radical changes to the Switch. However, there will certainly be revision of the Switch during its life. For example, and improvement of the autonomy, things like that. They are not going to change the dimensions.

I think the Switch is fine the way it is. I was also skeptical at first, but I learned to appreciate it.

My only real concern is about the games, I wish there were more original games.


by: G-1475

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September 30, 2018

Off-topic, but I'm sure Nintendo's next portable console will be a miniaturized version of the Switch ... or maybe Nintendo will simply give up the idea of having two types of consoles and focus only on the switch (this would make sense to me).


by: G-1561

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October 30, 2018

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