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Why should one mind about the sexuality of someone else?

Worldwide, homosexuality is a source of tensions, violence and hatred. But my question is, why do people mind about how OTHERS are living their sexuality? I am heterosexual, I am fine with this, and I don't mind at all if such and such person, that I come across in the street is homosexual, or even if members of my family are. Why would I? How is it affecting me, my life or my freedom? So I don't understand all these people who are manifesting, often violently, against homosexuals and their right to live their way.

Why does it bother some, that others have a different sexuality than they themselves? Worse, I find this a terrible invasion of privacy!

Aren't there things that are MUCH more important in the World today, than who is dating whom?


by: G-1252

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November 13, 2016 (3 years ago)

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