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So sick and tired of all these fucking phishing e-mails!

I'm really sick and tired of all these fucking phishing messages which are flooding my mail box! No matter which anti spam or anti virus or whatever anti-annoyance programs I am using, they are still coming in! Beside receiving pseudo notification from services I never subscribed to, I also receive up to 10 times the same phishing message in the same hour!

How is it possible that in 2015, some are still able to massively send this junk? Why isn't the Government and the NSA using their resources to stop this for good? Phishing is a national security menace to me! They can snoop on our e-mail, so why don't they do the same to fight phishing?

by: G-1142


May 04, 2015 (4 years ago)

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Someone within Google has been phishing into my computer/web account, when I raised the question how did you know I am looking for quotation,then they ruined my connection, sick mentalities??

by: G-539

Message #1

September 27, 2015 (4 years ago)

I see a huge paradox in the phishing phenomenon.

At the early age of the Internet, and online services (e-commerce, banking, etc…), people did not pay enough attention to e-mails they were receiving, or links they were clicking. So it was rather easy to mislead them/us, because since all this was new, we were not "trained"enough, and not careful enough.

Of-course, this has changed. Now, people are informed and educated more and more about the risk of phishing. We are more careful when we receive an e-mail, we pay more attention when we log to our bank account, or when we make buy things online.

As we get smarter, and less naive, so did the hackers. They developed more and more sophisticated techniques to trick us. They are succeeding to mimic perfectly e-mails and famous sites.

Meanwhile, our web browsers added some defenses against phishing. Honestly, I am not sure what they are doing exactly, but they can block the access to known phishing sites,… but I assume that hackers are constantly creating new sites. We also all(I hope) have antivirus software, which now include anti-phishing tools.

So all this looks like a race with the hackers.

Now, the point I wanted to reach, the paradox is that, in spite of all this, it seems that more and more people can easily fall into the trap !

The reason being, that some years ago, only geeks and people with a certain level of knowledge and education were using online services. By definition, these people were careful about all questions of security and phishing, than the average person. However, now, the Internet is everywhere, and easier to access by anyone, and so everybody is using it, and it became so common that people are not paying attention enough.

Also, with the huge expansion of mobile devices, it's again more easy to get tricked ! Yes, from the screen of a smartphone, it's easier than ever to accidentally click or open something with the finger. On a desktop computer, you clearly see the address bar of the browser, (I don't know how many people are really paying attention to it); this address bar gives several valuable information, such as if the site is secure, the name of the SSL certificate owner, and of course the domain name of the site. All this can be useful information, to identify if you are on the right site, or not. But on smartphone, I am sure that people are not paying attention at all.

I think that hackers have a bright future ahead of them. So, be always very careful, double check everything, be sur to understand what you are doing, and why, and don't do anything in a rush or hurry.


by: G-1291

Message #2

April 22, 2017 (2 years ago)

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