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[Environment / Ecology / Nature]

Why is Global Warming bad?

Sorry, if I sound dumb, but I keep hearing about global warming, and how we should move our asses to prevent it, but, first of all, I think this is bullshit that we can revert such phenomenon, and secondly I don't understand what is so wrong with Global Warming?

If the temperatures are higher, then we can grow fruits and vegetables during longer periods of time, and on more lands, producing more to feed people. We also save on energy since we will have to use our heaters less, and, in fact, I am sure we can produce energy from the heat of the air. Beside this, warmest weather, means better health. This is during cold periods that a lot of sicknesses are spreading, like the flu and all its variants. Having warm weather, this is eradicating this kind of things.

Also, since warming and cooling of the Earth is a cyclic mechanism which exists since the beginning of times, then it means this is something natural and Nature always do things for a good reason, trying to go against it, might have worse consequences.

Just my thoughts.


by: G-1062


January 08, 2015 (5 years ago)

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Sorry dude but your vision is a bit simplistic.

The Global Warming this is not having summer-vacation-like weather all year long, as you may think. No, Global Warming, means, more and more frequent episodes of heat waves, you know, when the air is so hot, that you feel like your skin is burning, and causing giant fires like in Australia and the USA. There is also severe dryness, and considering that water is the most precious element of life on Earth, you can see the impact that recurring and longer episodes of dryness can produce. No, it will not help producing more vegetables and food, that is the opposite, it's causing famine.

Also, warmer weather, contributes to the expansion of the territories of insects, such as mosquitos, which are carrying diseases much worse than the flu.

You also have glaciers and ice from the poles meting. People don't often think of it, but this has terrible impact and consequences. Beside the increase of the level of the oceans, and the flooding of coasts, this mass of cold water are cooling the oceans, and since the ocean have a role in regulating the climate on Earth, you can easily understand how things are messing up.

However, it's true that the global warming mechanism can't be reverted, and is part of a cycle, but, this is not a reason to give up, and just let things run their path. This is important that Humanity controls and reduces its impact on its environment, and learns to live in better harmony with the Mother Nature who made us.

Steven C.

by: G-112

Message #1

January 13, 2015 (5 years ago)

As said, there is natural and normal mechanisms which are altering the weather on Earth, however, what is "bad", is when these modifications are brutal and excessive, and THIS is due to us.


by: G-1019

Message #2

August 15, 2016 (3 years ago)

Global Warming => Heat Waves => More and more storms, hurricanes, floods, droughts,... => rarefaction of resources => exoduses => wars

Global Warming => Melting of Ices => Cooling of the Oceans => Ice Age => rarefaction of resources => exoduses => wars


by: G-1528

Message #3

October 10, 2018 (15 months ago)

An argument that people will mind for sure ... Global warming will cost you money. Yeah. You don't mind about weather change? Fine, but you'll pay for it. When you loose your house, your car, etc... you'll pay. And if you are not in areas impacted by weather related disaster, don't worry, you'll have to pay too. These disasters are costing billions to insurance companies, so where do you think they'll find the money? They'll increase the bill for EVERYBODY? I said "will", but it's already the case, look at the price of your insurances over the last 20 years...


by: G-1536

Message #4

October 13, 2018 (15 months ago)

It is the rich who pollute the most, it is the poor and the middle classes who have the most remorse. Results, the rich continue to live fully without embarrassment, while normal people, they make efforts, and yet are those who are more impacted by climate disruptions ... So spot the mistake!


by: G-1555

Message #5

October 22, 2018 (15 months ago)

Nobody seems to mention it, but the Sun will cool between 2020 and 2070, does that mean that it will counterbalance global warming? (at least during this period).

If so, you can be sure that global warming skeptics will claim that global warming was BS and invented.

by: G-1556

Message #6

October 24, 2018 (15 months ago)

Some countries will profit from global warming. I am thinking of Canada, Russia (Siberia), and the state of Alaska. These lands are full of petrol, natural gaz, gems, which are hard to exploit nowadays, because of extreme weather condition. But imagine, in some decades, with less snow / ice, these lands will be more easily accessible, and might make the fortune of these countries. Of-course it's still a time bomb, but better be the richest as possible before the bomb explodes...

by: G-1596

Message #7

December 31, 2018 (12 months ago)

Will it balance the natural disasters in the remain of the World? The extinction of species? Without counting all the problems revolving around the production of food, and access to water.

by: G-1647

Message #8

February 10, 2019 (11 months ago)

Why is Global Warming bad?
Everyday, you have examples of the consequences of the Global Warming!

More frequent and extreme heat waves, more frequent and powerful hurricanes, etc ... Even if you are not in areas impacted, your bank account suffers from it!

Don't be blind, what happens on the other side of the World, has an impact on everybody. Food become more and more expensive because farmers are exposed to messed up weather.

Same for sea food, global warming is altering the oceans, rivers and lakes.

Also, all those "natural" disasters are causing billions of dollars of damages, who pays? Insurances, and where do they get the money? "you". The expenses are spread over clients, and insurances themselves are insured at global reinsurance companies, so, when there are billions to pay in the USA, everybody world wide is ending to pay a share!


by: G-1801

Message #9

September 01, 2019 (4 months ago)

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