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Michelle Obama Makes Rush Limbaugh Cry

Rush Limbaugh is crapping in his big-and-talls over our First Family. Again. Now he's spitting pissed that First Lady Michelle Obama, a wealthy, educated, African-American woman, would dare to take an vacation.

I don't remember much of a fuss when former First Lady Laura Bush took a 2002 trip overseas and spent almost a week in Paris, bringing along one of her daughters. That little trip wasn't cheap.

And certainly there was very little anger shown when the First Twins were caught gorging on liquor with fake I.D.s, using the Secret Service as a buffer at tax-payer expense.

No, sir. The lovely twins had fan clubs created for them.

Personally, I don't mind any of our First Ladies vacationing and touring. They represent us, and I like to see them and their children well-dressed and well-cared for.

But mostly, I just like to see fat, racist swine like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck make wee-wee. 🙂

by: Still Sarah

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December 01, 2014 (5 years ago)

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