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Should one be rich to be a Politician ?

Good morning everybody ! -First time poster here-

I have observed that all politicians are wealthy. So my question is, is it mandatory, and why?

I don't see why someone needs to have a wealthy situation, to become a politician. After all, isn't it a matter of ideas, and convictions? Politicians are supposed to represent the citizens who voted for them. So I don't see why a man or a woman from a Middle or Lower class couldn't do this.

In fact, I would think that someone closer from the real citizens would do a better work. I have nothing against rich people, but they are disconnected from reality and from real life. They claim to know our problems, and what we have to face every day, but that is not true. Yes, they know, because of what they are reading, what analysts and experts are reporting, but form the moment you don't live it yourself, you can't know.

Why can't our representatives be randomly choosen, like the jurors in a trial? I know it might sound silly, but I think it would be better, and more representative of the reality of our society. Like for a trial, they can be assisted by "professionals" lawyers who can guide them through the legal and technical aspects, but at the end, they'll expose and defend, their ideas, "our" ideas.


by: G-1281


April 23, 2017 (2 years ago)

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I don't know, but, for sure, once you are politicians, your quality of life greatly improves... Without counting that, you can easily monetize your new social position.


by: G-1701

Message #1

April 01, 2019 (8 months ago)

You need rich friends and supports, and to get them, you need to be wealthy too.

by: G-1764

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August 25, 2019 (3 months ago)

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