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Are comparison shopping websites a scam ?

Each time I use a site to compare prices before buying, it always ends to be more expensive than the price announced.

Maybe I do not understand the information displayed by these sites ? Or are they misleading on purpose ?

Am I the only one in this situation?


by: G-1261

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April 02, 2017 (2 years ago)

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Hello sibling John 🙂

Keep in mind that comparison sites are affiliates to the site they compare. Which means that, when you click on an item at these sites, the site will earn a commission IF you place an order at the merchant site.

Knowing this, it can rise all kinds of questions about the objectivity/neutrality of these sites, and their methods of comparison.

They might favor such or such merchants based on their potential commission earning. I am not saying they do this, but it's high probability.

Beside this, also, do merchants play fair ? Are they really returning the exact price of their items / services ? Or are they trying to minimize the price to attract you ? I am not going to make a long speech, but we all know that between a price announced and the final price, there is often a significant difference. Merchants are not always listing all the additional fees, taxes, and show them only at the very, very, last moment. I am sure a lot of people are not paying attention, and that what they are paying, was not what they thought.

So be careful, comparison sites can be useful to identify good deals, but don't rely exclusively on them.

This is unrelated, but ultimately, another point not to neglect, and that is the reputation of the final merchant site / seller. I know, that I try to avoid unknown sites, and favor big sites like Amazon. I might be wrong, but like that I avoid bad "surprises".

John G.

by: G-1311

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May 06, 2017 (2 years ago)

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