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[High Tech]

Never update VLC media player!

VLC media player is an amazing must have software, and free! But, as long as it works for your use NEVER update it!!!! I've been using it for years, until recently, when I had the marvelous idea to install a latest version, and that was a disaster! All of a sudden some videos which were playing fine, turned into awful quality, (a change in a codec?!) , and my webcam is no longer working with it! More precisely VLC displays only the first frame and that's all! I've tried over and over, everything I could, without success. So finally, I had to dig into the archives to find an older version which was working! I don't explain this to myself, but my recommendation, if you use VLC and it works for you, then stick with this version, and don't try to upgrade! If you try VLC for the first time, and it doesn't work, try an older version!

by: G-1181


September 20, 2015 (4 years ago)

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Apply this to almost ALL upgrades - there is one important thing I've learned over the years is that today's upgrades are nothing but lures to get information from you. Stealing every possible piece of data they can in order to pinpoint exactly who you are and what you like and desire.
Almost ALL software upgrades contain 'malware' to control you and your use of the Internet to market your info to others.
Go to a main website and it immediately sends your browser to dozens of 'spy'sites that do what they want with the information gathered from you.
Everywhere you go or search is followed, transmitted elsewhere and added to the enormous databases stored on the Internet - everything you have done on the net in the last few years is still there.
Get serious about whats left of your privacy. If it works for you NEVER upgrade!

by: G-528

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September 23, 2015 (4 years ago)

Same for everything. If something works, keep it.

by: G-1683

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March 03, 2019 (9 months ago)

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