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France at the Eurovision and its bullshit arguments

Hello guys, I am from France, and last night, "we" were again totally ridiculous at the Eurovision song contest, ending 25th over 27th. It's not that I am upset that France keeps being at the bottom each time. What makes me mad, is when I hear the bullshit from the French delegation and singer, who claim loudly that this is political, and wonder if we shouldn't boycott this contest and blah blah. What bullshit arguments! Do they have shit in their ears? Okay, the french singer has a great voice, and the melody sounded good, but the lyrics were terribly depressing. When will France understand that this is NOT what Eurovision spectators want to hear? The Eurovision is a mega party, people want to ear fancy and entertaining songs, no matter if the lyrics are simple or without message, this is not the goal.

So congrats to Sweden and shame on France for trying to find excuses all the time!

Luc from France

by: G-1151

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May 24, 2015 (4 years ago)

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