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Reality TV has 'reality' only in the name

The so-call Reality TV genre, is everything except "reality"! All these crappy shows are scripted, events planned and reactions overacted! Why the hell is it called "Reality TV"? Nothing in them are "real", or even close to reality! Even shows which are supposed to follow everyday guys, in their everyday activities are faked! And don't talk about "candidates" in other Reality TV shows, they are nothing like the everyday guy! Worse, they are taking part of these shows, just to become famous, and for this they are ready to do absolutely anything to get noticed! And the worse is it works! Millions of people fawn at the guys, who became celebrities overnight! All this is the glorification of mediocrity and ignorance and lead teenagers and kids to believe this is the path to follow! This makes me so sick! I can't wait for the day all this crap will collapse.


by: SDot

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February 13, 2015 (4 years ago)

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Even shows which are supposed to follow everyday guys, in their everyday activities are faked!
Sure man, if they were reporting real life, this would be way too boring for the audience. So of course they spice it! No matter how ridiculous this looks. I remember an episode of IRT: Deadliest Roads where they couldn't go further anymore, and decided to move backward and abandon their mission, and on the next morning they discover that Lisa Kelly decided to make it anyhow at the risk of her own life LOL. And what about shows like Abandoned, American Pickers, Storage Wars or Bid and Destroy? Each time, at the ultimate minute, when the drama is at its summit, and they find something incredible, amazing, invaluable! Yeah, sure! It's almost sure the producers are planting these rare and precious objects there! But still all these is fun, and has to be taken for what they are. Turn off your brain, and just enjoy!

by: Kid8287

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February 23, 2015 (4 years ago)

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