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[Video Games]

Fed up with old-school-8bits-like video-games on NewGen Consoles!

I am starting to be fed up seeing the catalogs of the PlayStation and the XBox filled with so-called old-school-like games! Okay, at first, that's nice and funny for a moment, but fuck, when we buy a PlayStation 4 or XBox One, this is not for getting games which looked liked stuff that was cranked out in the 80's! This is to get bad ass graphics and animations that rock!

Stop taking us for idiots!


by: G-1021


December 10, 2014 (4 years ago)

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100% agree, and the monthly "free" games for PSN members are also full of these. Sony says they offer only games with the higher rating, but I can't believe some of the crap they offered, all along the year, received such acclaims from players! Seriously, this is bullshit!

by: G-51

Message #1

December 19, 2014 (4 years ago)

I like this kind of game, because at least I can see what is going on! With modern games, developers have become too abusive with the special effects, explosions, lights, atmospheric effects, etc. The thing I hate the most are all these glare effects, and when they add dirt on the camera's lens to make it more realistic. As a result, I can't see what is happening at all! No doubt more and more people are epileptic.

Long life to old-school games! 😁


by: G-318

Message #2

March 29, 2015 (4 years ago)

go back to playing yahtzee, neither of you have any right to call yourself real gamers

by: G-379

Message #3

May 20, 2015 (4 years ago)

The thing is, what you call old-school games, this is because they come from small independent studios, who don't have the financial resources that big studios have. So they are compensating by a higher creativity, and often these games are more entertaining and fun to play than blockbusters which contain killing graphics and cinematics where the game is almost playing for you...

by: G-428

Message #4

June 17, 2015 (4 years ago)

Well, dpending on the games..
If they are being made in this century to look like 8bit or 16bit I agree... I dont agree with that...
If they are putting out literally 80's games which are the 8-24bit games and then which they ported it over to the xone or the ps4, then yeh that is ok. I would love to play an old game that I dont need a new console for on my nextgen console. Why not, it is nostalgia. Personally I cant find old consoles anyways in my area or ebay etc, that are in decent condition that i dont ahve to refurbish with monsterous parts.

If you are an Indie developer there are FREE software for next gen gaming there is no need for 8bit-24bit graphics with pixels etc no reason for it. Free Engines that almost rival Frostbite Engine, and the Fo4 engines. So no, 'Financial Resources' is a bunch of BS... Free Software doesnt require anything that is really good.
I play indie games that are not 8bit hell even 32bit anymore by them... I play good games that are NexGen console awesome graphics etc.
Story Line, and Slow moving games which are not rpg or roleplaying or they are but extremely boring, yes, they are not creative on some of the games which goes to well not being smart or just lack of creativity.
Again no financial reasons to have the lack of creativity or even smarts.

And Lastly
"neither of you have any right to call yourself real gamers"
Yeh they do, FYI Yahtzee isnt really a good comeback, try Solitaire. Or Twiddle Your Thumbs..better come backs.
They do have a right, since the what the developers are doing are crap and they are selling such games, which are crap.
Now giving them away is a diff story, but for PS or MS to be putitng out for free only THOSE games on the DL lists is BS, And keep doing it time after time after time after time. With no decently good games or even old retro games that WERE MADE IN THE 80's... Putting out New Games that were made to look old is BS.
They are Gamers, not what you claim they arent.

by: G-892

Message #5

April 07, 2016 (3 years ago)

My problem with vintage-looking-modern-games, is that, they trend to make pixels way too big. I know, it's the purpose, but it makes the action hard to read. They're okay on smartphone screens, but not on a big flat tv, as we have today.

by: G-1037

Message #6

August 23, 2016 (3 years ago)

8-bits like games, or pixel-art based games are not bothering me at all. However, I find it too bad, when they are clearly abusing. I mean, okay, when pixels are apparent to give a retro aspect, but something it way-way too big, and making the screen totally unreadable. Why is that? When you can't differentiate anything, what's the point?


by: G-1258

Message #7

April 08, 2017 (2 years ago)

I prefer a game with old-school graphics which is entertaining, than a photo realistic game which is boring as hell.

by: G-1569

Message #8

November 03, 2018 (11 months ago)

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