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Mickey Rourke vs Elliot Seymour what crap!

Last night Mickey Rourke (62) had an exhibition boxing match against Elliot Seymour (29). Did anyone see the match? What crap! Rourke should be ashamed. That was a joke, a parody of boxing. This was clearly a fake match! His opponent didn't even try to do anything, then suddenly, he had one knee on the floor, and was being counted. I didn't even see Rourke really hitting him?! How could this young man be taken down like that?! Shame, shame, shame.

by: G-1011


November 29, 2014 (5 years ago)

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omg, the whole thing was fake and it wasn't even a good fake. It made me want to cry, because I assumed it would be at least entertaining. Rourke should be ashamed of himself, to tease a looser like this Seymour guy, running him around, bouncing off the ropes, walking back and forth. I don't think he even hit Seymour when he dropped to his knees; he just threw in a sloppy punch to his side when he was down. It was sickening. But the papers online were "yea, Mickey at 62 beat a young man half his age". Yea, sure he did. I'd love to see the Mickey box one of our beautiful young Mexican American boxers(who works for a living) and see how the bum comes out. A bloody hamburger is how he would come out!

by: Still Sarah

Message #1

November 30, 2014 (5 years ago)

Rigged? No way! It was just too technical for average viewers to really appreciate the high quality of this fight! *sarcasm*

Of course it was, I don't even know how anyone on earth could think differently. These are booings that we hear at the end, nobody is fooled.

The Daily Mail reveals that Elliot Seymour, is a former California Golden Gloves champion, something like 10 years ago, when he was boxing as an amateur, but his career never took off. He was homeless since a year or so ago, and of course paid to lie down in front of Rourke. Worse, it seems like Seymour attends the same boxing gym as Rourke, so they of course more or less know each other.

Beside this, his performance was so bad, that I wonder who was the weaker of the two. May be he was worried to hurt Rourke by hitting him a single time,and preferred to stop before Rourke fell from exhaustion.

All this is a big disgrace for Mickey Rourke.


by: G-11

Message #2

December 01, 2014 (5 years ago)

Rourke was hoping to get his face knocked back to its original appearance.

by: G-594

Message #3

November 11, 2015 (4 years ago)

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