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[Environment / Ecology / Nature]

Does the Earth need us(The Humans)?

We are often forgetting that we are part of the evolution of species. We are part of the chain, and like each links of a chain, our existence has a reason, a purpose, and a goal. Each steps of the evolution produced beings which were bringing something new, and contributing to move forward.

Ultimately, Humans are at the submit of the evolution. Does it mean "we" are the most perfect being? The ultimate goal of life, and ultimate shape? But how are we being useful, at the scale of the Earth? What are we doing, which would justify our dominant position?

It looks like all we can do is destroy our environment, and ourselves.

Does the Earth need us? What if the evolution had never produced us? Would things be better or worse?


by: G-1310


September 30, 2017 (2 years ago)

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We consider ourselves to be the summit of evolution because we are intelligent but what has our intelligence accomplished? We change things to suit our own requirements with no regard for the welfare of any other living thing or the structure of the earth itself. We are the most destructive organism to have existed as far as we know. There is no reason to suppose that intelligence is the ultimate result of evolution. We put ourselves at the top of the tree because we have defined the tree. I think that our main failing is our incredible conceit. For the sake of the other residents of the earth, I hope that humanity will be culled before it is too late.

by: Temporaryresiden

Message #1

October 13, 2017 (2 years ago)

Hi. I share the same sentiments (~ these aren't even only "sentiments" at this point, either.) "We put ourselves at the top of the tree..." Why don't we just redefine the tree? 'Drop' back into the heart-mind (which ALL of us possess by the grace of God,) and become seed, or the root of the Everlasting Tree of Life.

Even from a merely "technical" standpoint, I know that there is yet hope for us all. Hope was the last essence released from Pandora's Box.(😊😉

by: G-1456

Message #2

February 03, 2018 (23 months ago)

The Earth existed before "us", and will continue after our extinction. May be the Earth will even do better without us! This is not being pessimistic but we really screw up. This happened in the past, but, the worse is that we are certainly the first species to have altered so much our environment, and to be aware of this.

by: G-1527

Message #3

October 10, 2018 (15 months ago)

Does the Earth need us(The Humans)?
Short answer: no.

The Earth does not and never needed "us". "We" are in no way having a positive contribution to the Earth. The day the Human race disappears, the Earth will continue to exist and evolve.

by: G-1630

Message #4

January 23, 2019 (12 months ago)

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