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'The terrorist was known by Intelligence Services' *sigh*

In Europe, each time there is a terrorist attack, nearly immediately, authorities are able to tell who was the terrorist(s), his background, etc, … and the key sentence is "he was known and watched by the Intelligence Services". Yeah, great, I am relieved. So if he was known, then why didn't they prevent him from committing an attack ?!

When they claim the Intelligence Service were watching at him, it sounds like the Government is trying to prove that their work is efficient. But if it was really efficient, then terrorists would be intercepted before they commit their crime!

I know that you can't put everybody who is more or less suspect into prison, right, but, sorry, each time there is an attack, the authors have a terrible background and past history! I mean, when you have guys, who kept going back and forth to Syria, I doubt he is a tourist! Of-course there is nothing illegal in going there, but when it happens, it should flag the guy with a big red warning, and the Intelligence should immediately watch him full time, put him on tape, and have agents following him all the time. At least they should put him an ankle bracelet to track his movements all the time.

Facebook, Google and other Internet giants, can know everything about us, all the time, so you won't convince me that the Intelligence Services can't do, at least, the same!


by: G-1300

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May 24, 2017 (2 years ago)

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