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The capacity of the toothpaste tubes

Hello -again!

Another vital, essential, not to say philosophical and existentialist subject,… the capacity of toothpaste tubes!

Did you ever notice that the capacities of the tubes are "discretely" shrinking, while their price remains the same ?

Not long ago, my toothpaste was sold in tube of 100ml (sorry friends, I don't know how much this is in oz), then one day, I noticed that the tubes were stating 90ml, and now, all tubes are of 75ml. But where it's sly is that, the tube themselves look the same! Manufacturers put lots of effort to refine their tube shapes, to give you the impression that nothing has changed, and that they just touched a little here and there, nothing you can really notice, unless you put two tubes of different capacities next to each other.

I find this sneaky. But business is business you'll tell me.


by: G-1290

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May 11, 2017 (2 years ago)

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