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How boring is Soccer!

Hey-again !

Few months ago, I was visiting a friend of mine in England, and he took me a to a soccer game, (they call it football there). Man, that was so boring! I can't understand how such sport can unleash so much passion and excitement from people! Seriously, it's boring as hell! All around me people were hyper, and I couldn't even understand why, they certainly took something before coming to the stadium to be in this state of excitement *LOL*.

By moment, I had the impression to watch Pro wrestling! You know, when guys are punching each others for fake. Soccer it's the same, you have a guy running, all proud of having the ball, and all of a sudden, he falls, rolls, screams, hold his leg as if it was broken and he was about to die, just because an opponent didn't even touched him. Then the next second, he resurrects and runs again, certainly a relative of Wolverine (X-Men) to heal so fast. And of course, when it happens, the stadium explodes in huge screams and yells, like a band of savages!

Then someone scores and the excitement reaches summits,… everybody parties, for long minutes, guys takes off their shirts, everybody hugs,… at first I didn't understand, and found it excessive for just a ball kicked at a net. But then I realized something. You know, a soccer game is 90 minutes, if I don't make mistake, but overall, there is only very few goals scores. They spend all their time running back and forth, like kittens after a balls. So, considering the lack of scoring, I better under that when it happens, it's a monumental event, that you may not see again until the next moon eclipse!

When my friend will come to the US, I'll show him our Sports, this will change him 😁

Signed Steve

by: G-1280

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April 23, 2017 (2 years ago)

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Watching Sports is always boring, Sports is made to be practiced, not watched.

by: G-1471

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September 30, 2018 (16 months ago)

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