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Mobile usage and web browsing

Hello -again-again,

As mentioned in my previous posts, I am a webmaster, and over the years I've seen a huge increase of people visiting my sites using mobile devices (Smartphones). Today, the share of mobile visitors represents 50% of my whole traffic ! In a way it's "horrifying" me, I'll explain.

I do understand, when it comes to checking your e-mails, twitters, facebook, … the weather, news headlines… but it looks like that now, lot of people are using their smartphones for EVERYTHING and to visit any kind of sites, all the time… even when they are at home! I don't get it!

Taping and looking at a small screen, is so uncomfortable and not ergonomic, even with sites developed to be mobile friendly… and still people do this all the time.

In the subway, in the streets, everybody is bent over their smartphones. What are they doing with it? What is so vital to be stuck to your small screen all the time?

Beside what everybody says, to me, mobile devices are a regression.

Pascal C.

by: G-1250

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November 11, 2016 (2 years ago)

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