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One observation is manifest, the human being is grumpy and loves to complain! Don't deny it! It is a fact that we all easily express our anger and rants about anything, as if it was a vital need to find something to complain about.

Why is that? Some will say this is a feeling of permanent dissatisfaction, a quest for perfection, for a fair and better world... hmm, well, the reality might be more down to earth. In everyday life, this is normal that things upset us, on any level, no matter if this is a big deal or not, this is always focusing our attention, and making us boil inside and it is best to get this all out!

The Internet is offering a new social dimension to all this. Now we no longer need to keep all of our fury inside us. We can voice our opinion and rants, we can share them with the world, we can find others having the same feelings as us, and most of all, we feel so good once we have emptied our baggage!

So to all of us who believe themselves to know better than others, who feel upset, who want to make their frustration known, who want to bring attention to something unfair, who want to gather people around a just cause, or who simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed today... no matter if this is about something insignificant or important, welcome to WitnessMyRage.com!

Happy ranting!

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Why do men pee all around the toilet bowl?

All is in the title, why do men pee all around the toilet bowl?!! I am serious, why is that?!! Sometimes I wonder if this is a contest where the goal is to put urine everywhere excepting in the bowl! ...

by: Sophia


January 09, 2015

Why is it up to the soldiers to go to war?

Hey, I know it will sound ridiculous to some, but why is it up to the soldiers to risk their lives and die for wars "decided" by others? And more generally, why do people have to kill each other?...

by: G-1323

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November 12, 2018

Disqualified and still Champion ?! (pro-wrestling)

A pro-wrestling champion, who is getting disqualified, remains champion… why?! It doesn't make sense! You do something against the rules = you are disqualified = you loose the match. No? Then, to keep...

by: G-1318

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October 07, 2018

Are there still real persons on Twitter?

I remember, some years ago, how it was cool to tweet, and share with guys from all around the World. Now, my time line is stuffed with sponsored tweets with touts titles and images! When I find an account...

by: G-1130


March 29, 2015

Who misses VHS tapes ?

I know it's going to sound silly, but I do ! Yeah, yeah, call me dumb, but I miss the blurred edges, the instability of the image, the dull colors of the VHS ! It has an undeniable charm ! And the proof...

by: G-1251


November 11, 2016

Hitchbot, victim of human stupidity

RIP Hitchbot... You know this was this tiny hitchhiker robot, standing on the side of the road, awaiting for someone to pick him up. And guess what, I found it great that it worked! It traveled in Canada,...

by: G-1166


August 04, 2015

Seeking shaving tips (razor burn)

Hi I always had a hard time shaving my beard, and I am desperately looking for solutions. I used to use manual razors, but it terribly irritating to my skin. No matter the number of blades. In fact,...

by: G-1291


May 12, 2017

The Smoke and Mirrors of the Electric Car

I can't stand anymore the crummy Yippie ecologists who can't think by themselves, and claim loud and strong how we should all run around in electric cars, and that if you don't, shame on you, because you...

by: G-1027


December 14, 2014

The Walking Dead is great but also such a waste of good ideas!

Okay, so I finally got to watch The Walking Dead. I kept hearing about the show, and how great it was, but, since I didn't see it from the beginning, I thought it would be less enjoyable to just jump into...

by: SDot


January 08, 2015

What is your biggest fear?

Olà! I am sure we all have fears, which are silly or not rational, but who are ruining our life. Mine is … to have to speak to someone one the phone! Don't laugh ! I am serious, that's the thing...

by: G-1309


September 29, 2017

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