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One observation is manifest, the human being is grumpy and loves to complain! Don't deny it! It is a fact that we all easily express our anger and rants about anything, as if it was a vital need to find something to complain about.

Why is that? Some will say this is a feeling of permanent dissatisfaction, a quest for perfection, for a fair and better world... hmm, well, the reality might be more down to earth. In everyday life, this is normal that things upset us, on any level, no matter if this is a big deal or not, this is always focusing our attention, and making us boil inside and it is best to get this all out!

The Internet is offering a new social dimension to all this. Now we no longer need to keep all of our fury inside us. We can voice our opinion and rants, we can share them with the world, we can find others having the same feelings as us, and most of all, we feel so good once we have emptied our baggage!

So to all of us who believe themselves to know better than others, who feel upset, who want to make their frustration known, who want to bring attention to something unfair, who want to gather people around a just cause, or who simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed today... no matter if this is about something insignificant or important, welcome to WitnessMyRage.com!

Happy ranting!

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Latest messages:

Seeking shaving tips (razor burn)

Hi I always had a hard time shaving my beard, and I am desperately looking for solutions. I used to use manual razors, but it terribly irritating to my skin. No matter the number of blades. In fact,...

by: G-1291


May 12, 2017

Why aren't there Zombie theatrical movies?

With the current craze for zombies, the growing belief in a Zombie apocalypse and the success of World War Z or The Walking Dead, I thought we would see a wave of Zombie related movies coming into theaters....

by: G-1100


February 06, 2015

Winnie-the-Pooh R-rated for Polish WTF?!

LOL, I just heard that in Poland, in at city called Tuszyn, a town council proposed to name a local playground after "Winnie-the-Pooh". An universal icon, accompanying generations of children...

by: G-1003


November 23, 2014

WTF: Dragonball Evolution

I grew up with Goku, watching Dragon Ball, then Dragon Ball Z, then again (unfortunately) Dragon Ball GT. So, some years ago, when a live action Dragon Ball movie was announced, I thought cool, with today's...

by: SDot


March 09, 2015

The wait at the store cash register

Hello! I remember the time before the invention of bar codes, when cashiers had to punch in the price of each item. This is how old I am *LOL*. Back in that time, most people were also paying in cash,...

by: G-1289


May 11, 2017

Are we at the dawn of a Third World War ?

So far, every single century was the theater of wars between countries. After WWII, the International community said it had to end, but there was the war of Vietnam, and all kind of conflicts here and...

by: TurtleJohn


April 13, 2017

Why pink for girls, and blue for boys? And what about toys?

Where does this tradition come that girls need to wear pink, and boys blue? Where do these stereotypes are taking their origins from? And most of all why do they continue? Today, if a boy wears pink, he'll...

by: G-1101


February 07, 2015

What is your biggest fear?

Olà! I am sure we all have fears, which are silly or not rational, but who are ruining our life. Mine is … to have to speak to someone one the phone! Don't laugh ! I am serious, that's the thing...

by: G-1309


September 29, 2017

I say: 'Windows should be free for home users'

I am not like all those who believe everything should be free, no no. But I think that Microsoft should make Windows free for individuals. It's not a matter of being nice. Just look at the fact that Microsoft...

by: PcMaN


February 13, 2016

Free access to drinking water for all should be included in The Declaration of Human Rights.

Call me hippie, utopia, or whatever you want, but I think that access to drinking water for all should be an inalienable right. Water is the only vital element to life, and no one should be deprived of...

by: G-1212


February 17, 2016

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